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Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson


Ronald Pearson B,Sc.Eng.(Hons)*C.Eng.M.I.Mech.E.
*Prior to retirement and switch to physics.

Ron invented the ‘Gas Wave Turbine’ and, in 1958, a prototype ran up to full speed under its own power at the very first attempt. This confirmed the sophisticated mathematical methods used in its design. The engine ran reliably during about 400 hours of testing. Unfortunately, it never made the marketplace. Ruston and Hornsby Ltd., of Lincoln, had provided facilities and funding but had suddenly experienced a downturn in their sales of diesel engines. They were forced to cut research and for the gas wave turbine no further support was available.
            Further details of Ron’s career can be found elsewhere on this website and show why he eventually turned attention to cosmology.


When the public realise PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS can solve vexed questions that still baffle all physicists, cosmologists and mathematicians, then engineering will acquire a much-needed boost to its status.

However, this makes our work very controversial. Obviously the downside is - not everyone accepts our solutions even when they can find no faults!  The upside is that no assessor has found a single fault with the assumptions, methodology, maths or conflict with experiments.
It is for the reader to judge the issues raised.

Other implications are huge - as described in the trilogy we are about to present. The video will be explained later in this section of the website as the story unfolds.
As will become apparent there is something new for everybody.


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