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A very quick summary

1. A new theory provides firm scientific foundations to all observations found in life.

2. It provides a theory for the creation of the Universe that is free from flaws and inconsistencies. It is called The 'Big Breed' Theory of Creation

3. It fully supports Quantum theory and even provides a mechanism that explains how it can work. However it also needs to dismiss many versions of Relativity theory and in doing this it provides an answer to dark energy, what it is and how it comes into existance.

4. It has a spin off in that it appears to explain all forms of psychic phenomena

5. It provides an incredible amount of hope for the future and opens up many new lines of research that will need talented physicists and mathematicians. It even offers exceptional advances in technology that will lead to many new jobs and careers.



Work began on the theory over 20 years ago and in 1990 the book Intelligence behind the Universe was written. All copies were sold and are now reselling on the internet at many times their original price. A reprint was never done as more work had to be done to improve the theory. Now at last Intelligence behind the Universe III has been completed. The book shows how Ron Pearson's theory on the creation of the Universe goes on to explain all known psychic phenomena and shows it all to be entirely natural.

Readers will see how his solution, as illustrated by the video on the front page (an explanation follows on a later page), extends physics to encompass such astounding phenomena as remote viewing, (already used by Russia and the CIA as a spy system and therefore fully proven as reality). It explains how consciousness can survive death of the body (as proved by experiments first carried out in the 1870’s by the famous chemist/physicist Sir William Crookes and confirmed by several other famous scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge).
Further detail can be seen on the website of Michael Roll - details below.
Michael, overwhelmed by his fascinating experience of witnessing materialisation, became a true pioneer by organising his:


Furthermore a whole host of other so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomena, such as telepathy, dowsing and healing, are explained by our enhanced physics as potentially real effects!
            The theory therefore gives powerful support to the main tenets of religious belief in that it shows, from physics, that the soul has a real existence and that the universe was deliberately created.
It goes further to show how the creator could emerge from the void and evolve, due to organisation by chaos, the conscious intelligence needed. It goes on to show how matter could be created by the organisation of its energies.
            Everything is shown to develop by evolution: so defusing the conflict between religious creationists and evolutionists.

All this is in sharp contrast to accepted opinion that is promoted across the whole spectrum of scientific disciplines. Indeed, so strong is the fear of such evidence that great efforts have been made, for over a century, to discredit all of it. For example, the parapsychologists Professors French and Wiseman, who regularly appear on TV, are funded from the Perrott-Warwick scholarship. To many people they are actually known as obscurants, however they pose as only sceptics in their role – this appears to be a complete subversion of the aims the benefactors were attempting to promote.

This is why the technically minded are mostly sceptical of all paranormal claims and need to avoid looking too soon into so controversial a subject. The disinformation campaign just mentioned has been highly successful and remains so.
However, there is a growing band of physicists who disagree with such attitudes. Professor Wadhams of Cambridge shared a Jeff Rense radio program with Michael and Ron in 2001 to help put an end to the way Sir William Crookes was falsely discredited for publishing his results of experiments that verified materialisation. The Nobel Laureate, Professor Brian Josephson, also of Cambridge, has been especially bold in going against the tide. He has been contesting the prevailing establishment opinion for many years and supporting Michael Roll.


You might well ask why you have not heard of Ron Pearson's work before

Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

In a nutshell this is the situation

1. Physicists are up the creek, they cannot agree on the very foundations of science.

2. The 'big bang' theory of creation, one dreamt up by physicists, could not have happened, it fails in basic thermodynamic principles that most engineers can spot.

3. For over 80 years physicists have been trying to explain how their theory of everything small -Quantum Mechanics - can fit in with their theory on everything large - Relativity theory. They have failed because they have always insisted that Relativity must be right and so have always looked at trying to adapt quantum theory.

4. In this world there are many things that science cannot explain and often because of that mainstream scientists are very quick to dismiss them.

5. No one in science who supports the existing theories wants them to be dismissed, because to dismiss them might mean admitting that their life had been wasted or worse still they might lose research grants and the money would go into different areas and that might mean losing their jobs. Loss of status, Loss of money, Loss of ones house and of ones job are pretty powerfull motivators to stop change.


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