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This website is dedicated to promoting an exciting new theory on the origins of the Universe. We have called the website Pearsonian Space after the name of the man who, after 23 years of research, came up with the theory - Ron Pearson.

Ron Pearson

It is widely accepted now that physicists and cosmologists have come to standstill with their research into how the Universe was created. This new theory fits all observations made so far, has none of the flaws of the previous theories and also provides for several new potential lines of research that can be followed. Some of these give great hope to mankind as they indicate a way at solving the energy crisis and the global warming crisis.


Can two identical objects both be heavier than each other?

The answer to this seemingly daft question is certain to create a massive paradigm-shift across all the sciences!

But the reason will be given later in this announcement

For general readers it is best to read the summary below under Intelligence behind the Universe II, for the technically minded, however, please go straight to: 'Quantum Gravity as a Residual of the Electrodynamic and Nuclear Forces' - A solution that fits all the facts. This is a must for physicists, cosmologists and engineers. This article refers only to materialistic physics and it summarises a solution that is described in 8 simple steps.Click here......

A trilogy of books are now available. A short summary of the books appears below. A fuller summary appears on the Books page which can be accessed via the above link:

The Unification of Physics and Spirituality

This is a popularisation that has a unique feature. It homes onto a theory showing that consciousness survives death as a result of finding solutions to two major problems in physics
- and no other solutions are available!
Several physicists including the Nobel Laureate, Professor Brian Josephson, have studied the solutions provided in the supporting books but none of them have been unable to fault either the conceptual or mathematical logic.
    This book begins with a history of the way survival of death was proved scientifically starting with the research of Sir William Crookes FRS. The author’s personal research follows giving further support. Then a short history of the evolution of physics from the Ancient Greeks to the present is provided to introduce the science up to the weirdness of quantum explanations of the atom.
   Then follow the new breakthroughs. These yield the ‘big breed theory’ that shows survival is a branch of physics. It results from providing solutions to some major problems in physics including a difficulty with the big bang theory of creation that up to now has invalidated it completely.
    Explanations from this physics for the entire spectrum of the so-called ‘paranormal’ are provided, showing them to be potentially real effects. This includes explanations of healing, prediction and other phenomena.
Mechanical Engineers will find special appeal in this book since the author’s invention of the ‘Gas Wave Turbine’ led to him being invited to the Pentagon for consultation with DARPA. Then readers will see how this led to new physics. Engineers will also see how their own expertise can be applied to the enhancement of physics.

Electrical Engineers will be intrigued to see how Newton’s physics can eliminate the difficulties of Einstein’s relativity theories so allowing the ether to return without anomalies.

 Psychics   will be provided with answers to obscurants posing as sceptics who try to discredit what they know to be true.

 Science students will find innovative new material here that solves vexed questions many ask – answers are given that will not be found anywhere else! It gives new leads for future experiments and research that could help save the planet.

The achievements of physicists in teasing out the mechanics of the atom, as described by quantum field theory, are astonishing and something of which they can be justly proud. However, nobody can be expert at everything and Ron thinks things have gone wrong in the area of classical mechanics that overlaps his own specialisation. The critiques given in PART I are intended to be helpful and should in no way be regarded as insulting to anybody.

348 pages: size 6”´9”: 47 figures: paperback: £16.00


   This one is for the technically oriented. The logic will be found demanding but mathematical expertise is not required.
   The big bang theory purporting to explain origin of the universe suffers from making the absurd prediction of a rate of expansion many trillions of times too high. The aim was to solve this problem. For the solution a new ‘exact classical mechanics’ (ECM) was derived that involves simple extensions to Newton’s mechanics. It is shown to be fully compatible with quantum theory yet satisfies the experiments that support Einstein’s theories of relativity. So it provides a simple yet totally paradox free theory of ‘quantum gravity’ that requires no extra dimensions.
    Then by a new feature, the ‘big breed theory’, the universe is shown able to spontaneously self-create from the void in such manner as to solve the false prediction made by the existing big bang theory. It also predicts the universe must exist in a state of ever-accelerating expansion – so explaining the discovery made in 1998 that the expansion is speeding up.
    This solution provides the basis of the popularisation showing mind has the potential of immortality.
258 pages: size 6”´9”  with 47 figures: hardback: £20.50


            This gives full mathematical detail of the ECM theory that is described without maths in PART I. This requires knowledge of algebra, Euclidean geometry, and a little differential and integral calculus.
   Details of three proposed new experiments are described. The most important flies a quartz clock in Earth orbit and is expected to measure the absolute speed of this probe with respect to a background medium of space. This is something that cannot be detected by interferometers owing to the speed-induced distortion of atoms. This experiment could create new physics by allowing the velocity structure of space to be explored.
160 pages: size 6”´9” with 23 figures: Hardback: £17.00


            This part is in preparation and covers the mathematics of ‘Opposed Energy Dynamics’ that has been used in derivation of the ‘big breed’ theory that solved the creation problem and eliminated the ‘problem of the cosmological constant’ – an absurdly high predicted rate of expansion - that still invalidates the big bang theory.
            This will be presented as an additional part of the previous book.

The answer to the daft question will be found under ‘books’


We are hoping that there is enough information on this website for you be be able to go on to make an informed decision to buy this book. If you like what you read on the site and would like to buy a copy you will be directed to another site where you can order a copy that will be sent direct to you.

The problem today with the old theories

David Gross, Nobel laureate of physics, said in 2005 at their International Solvey conference that physics had ground to a halt and nobody had any ideas about what to do next. Now in 2007 a top physicist, Lee Smolin, has just published a book admitting that nothing new of any value has emerged since 1980: in effect, that his generation has failed.

It appears to us that there are two major mistakes that have led many of these scientists down what seems like an expensive blind alley:-

1. The big bang theory of creation of the universe is known to make false predictions that are so wildly out as to totally discredit the approach. This new work - ‘Creation Solved ? ’ gives and shows the reason why the big bang never could have happened and shows the use in the big bang theory of hopelessly flawed logic! Instead a new Big Breed theory is presented that offers us all a far more positive future with many new potentially beneficial avenues of research. 2. For over sixty years theorists have been trying in vain to produce their theory of "Quantum Gravitation". Their aim in this was to be able to combine the two theories of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

Einstein's theory called, "General Relativity" has previously been accepted as the best possible theory of gravity for over 80 years however, as even admitted by Stephen Hawking, it just does not fit in with quantum theory: the explanation of motion at the sub-atomic scale of things.

Despite the continuing incompatibility of these two theories, some of these physicists are still trying to match them up with ever more ridiculous ‘scientific’ non - sense. Working down this blind alley, they are having to rely on concocting ever more elaborate and highly sophisticated mathematics to achieve their aims and it seems that theorists are unable anymore to spot the simple solutions where they exist. This is why an Engineer, with a background in mathematics, classical mechanics, fluids and thermodynamics, looking at things from common - sense perspectives, has been able to see the trees in the wood, so to speak.


The new theory

A new “Big Breed Theory” de--mystifies “Dark Energy”. Dark Energy, evolving from the void, is shown to form spontaneously into a structure like a neural net. This is fine grained even compared to the size of atoms yet extends to the very edge of space. It develops a 'God-like' computational power as it creates itself by organisation from chaos. It needs to be stated here that mathematicians, studying chaos, have been amazed at the high degree of organisation that chaotic systems spontaneously achieve. The net structure contains all the ingredients such chaos requires.

Then the evolved intelligence generates what we see as matter. The book even shows how this was achieved! It also shows what the four forces of nature really are.

All is presented in a manner accessible to people having little mathematical expertise.

Others have speculated that an intelligent background could exist, though following Ron’s lead provided by his book published in 1990 entitled, “Intelligence Behind the Universe!”. What is special about this new book, however, summarising 23 years of research, is that it results from finding solutions to several problems that still remain unsolved vexed questions within the disciplines of physics and cosmology. Indeed the physicists themselves now admit they are in trouble as shown in “FOREWORD”. Furthermore no other source has given explanations of how dark energy could even arise: never mind how it could evolve a conscious creative power or how it could make our universe spring into being.

These extraordinary insights arose in a surprising way. By 1987 Ron had found that three hopelessly wrong predictions of the “Big Bang Theory” were caused by false logic. It was this discovery that triggered the search for an alternative approach. One problem was that some stars seemed older than the age of the universe predicted by the big bang – but this was a relatively minor issue. Of greater importance was a discovery in 1998. Astronomers discovered the expansion of the universe was speeding up. Cosmologists were taken completely by surprise since their big bang theory had predicted it to be slowing down..
Cosmologists then coined the name, “Dark Energy” with mysterious repulsive powers, which they cannot explain, to introduce a background medium as a means of patching up their theory. This, however, did nothing to remove the greatest false prediction of all. This said the universe was expanding many trillions of times faster than was remotely possible.
What is the use of such patching-up when the major flaw remains unresolved?
However, by 1994 the basis of the solution presented in this book had already been published – by the Russian Academy of Sciences! (Western cosmologists had combined to suppress it since they all perceived it as a threat). The new theory introduced an intelligent ether (i-ther) that provided a solution to all three problems. Could this have explained Dark Energy even before the name was coined?
Furthermore the problem of finding a solution had been greatly hampered when Ron discovered that Einstein’s theories of relativity contained internal contradiction and could not co-exist with any kind of real background medium. Before a paradox-free solution could be formulated an alternative mechanics had to be derived that was just as successful in matching the experiments. A highly satisfactory solution, fully compatible with quantum theory, emerged called “Exact Classical Mechanics”. The famous inventor of the caesium beam atomic clock, Dr Louis Essen FRS, was sufficiently impressed in 1991 so that he made Ron his deputy to attend a Russian conference so his theory could be presented. The alternative to relativity is explained in the first part of the book so that a complete holistic theory is finally offered. This shows why we exist in such a huge universe. It leads to incredible new insights.

Any new theory is expected to spin off new experiments by which it could be checked. Several are proposed. No experiment has yet been able to properly confirm the existence of any background medium such as the old ether or the new dark energy. However, all experiments to date have depended on beams of light. The distortion of atoms due to speed could be responsible for this failure. A new feature provides the means of measuring both this distortion and the absolute speed of the Earth. This invention is also likely to enable the velocity structure of dark energy to be explored throughout the solar system. Another experiment could confirm a key feature of the new theory of gravity by use of an “asymmetric gravitational cycle”. This would also show that power could, in principle, be extracted from dark energy. Many books are available claiming that so-called, “zero point energy” has already been extracted. However, none give the detail required for replication of the claims so doubts remain. Therefore a chapter is included that gives one “over unity” device, known to work, together with adequate detail for replication. The simple theoretical basis involved is also developed. This eliminates objections that have been raised against the experiment previously mentioned.
And if all this seems to you beyond belief please look at the section of this website titled, “The Pursuit of the Truth”.

260 pages hardback with 37 illustrations £19.50


Physics is now in crisis!

 Showing why an “Opposed Energy Dynamics” based on a new “Exact Classical Mechanics” is so desperately needed

This crisis has been demonstrated by reports from the 23rd Solvay Conference on Physics at Brussels that occurred early December 2005. "New Scientist" (10th Dec. 2005) reports the anxiety shown by Nobel Laureate, David Gross. He compared the position with that of 1911 when radioactivity baffled everybody and says,

We are missing perhaps something as profound as we were back then”.

The editorial is headed “Ideas needed”, and extracts from it say:
“Physics greatest endeavour has ground to a halt. We are in a period of utter confusion."

“General relativity is incompatible with quantum theory. Since the 1960’s theorists have struggled to solve this problem, so far to no avail. And the trouble is we have nothing to put in relativity’s place.”

“String Theory cannot explain the accelerating expansion of the universe or tell us where space and time come from”.

The New Scientist report suggested that a consensus of opinion at the conference held that string theory had failed. It went on to say that many of the greatest minds in physics were there at last week’s conference but that none had an answer.

The latest admission of failure came from top physicist Lee Smolin (2007) who states in his book that his generation has failed by providing nothing new of any value since 1980.

This work provides an answer!

Physicists at the Solvay conference should have said that no alternative to Einstein’s theories of relativity have been permitted to surface in the West. The reasons can be deduced from Chapter 1. The alternative is called “Exact Classical Mechanics” and matches all the achievements claimed as unique to Einstein’s theories of relativity though without the internal contradiction and incompatibility with quantum theory from which relativity suffers. Its extension to “Opposed Energy Dynamics” enabled a fully paradox-free theory of creation to be formulated

This presentation has been written as a matter of urgency. Does it provide the rescue package that physics so desperately needs?


Ron Pearson