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This new theory has been peer reviewed and published around the world but, because of its groundbreaking work and its requirement to dismiss some elements of previous research done by other scientists it has found difficulty reaching some of the more established journals as it appears to offend so many people with much to lose if continuing lines of research into the old paradigms are discontinued.

All that is asked is that you read on without emotional reaction. Read on without the old assumptions associated with past theories and read on with the use of cold, hard logic in your decision making and especially using only those assumptions that the new theory refers to and not assumptions that are linked to old theories.

It will be shown why the old theories have to be wrong and why to now dismiss them is logical.

It will also be shown how so many observations now fit the new theory and how much more now makes sense.

What is perhaps the most important thing is that a new and great potential wiill be indicated to you. This new theory can lead the bravest and boldest amongst you to the greatest of scientific breakthroughs and this work will give further indication of where to look and where to base your research.

The reason for the release of this information is that there is now just far too much for one 82 year old scientist to continue to pursue on his own, so please read on and judge fairly with cold hard observations and facts and with a good non-emotionally constrained decision making strategy.


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