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The I-ther
So now, at long last, we come to the point where our video can be explained. A sub-quantum level of reality has to exist, to be called ‘i-ther’(Intelligent Ether), in order to differentiate it from the old ‘ether’ that is different. The i-ther is made from minute ultimate particles called ‘primaries’. Half are made of the energy we all know about, to be called ‘positive energy’. The rest are made of an opposite kind to be called, ‘negative energy’. The theory shows how the advent of two new laws of physics explain that when the two opposites collide both increase in energy of their own kind. At a critical size splitting occurs, specifically when smaller primaries collide with larger ones. Collisions increase the size and number of primaries hence it is likened to a breeding process.

Primaries breed like opposite sexes!

When large numbers collide from all directions, however, the same laws dictate mutual annihilation. Creation from the void of nothing and annihilation of most of it back to the void could both now happen with energy conserved.

Rory Macquisten, who has been invaluable since this website could not have emerged without his help, was the person who christened this the BIG BREED theory.

The 'BIG BREED' Theory

This theory, unlike the big bang, contains no false logic or internal contradiction. It solves the problem of the cosmological constant that still invalidates the big bang theory. It simultaneously predicts the accelerating expansion of the universe.

This was achieved before discovery by astronomers!

The video represents a thin slice (or cross section) of a growing ball of i-ther as it creates itself by collision breeding. The magenta dots are positive primaries and the cyan dots those made of negative energy. All keep colliding and breeding to form a seething ever-growing mass.

Just as in the big bang the rate of growth predicted is billions of times too high. However, we now come to the solution.  Exponential growth starts and continues until the central density reaches a critical value. Then annihilation sets in. The first white ball appears in the centre representing the first annihilation core. Primaries converge onto it from all possible directions and squeeze each other out of existence as they move toward the core’s central point.

Now rings of cores develop to further reduce the growth rate, all vibrating like mad due to buffeting by colliding primaries. The video is not to scale. The spacing of cores has to be minute - even as compared to the size of the smallest sub-atomic particles, such as electrons.

When the rings of cores reach the growing edge they bring growth to a stop altogether: so solving the problem of the cosmological constant that still invalidates the big bang theory. The new approach has provided the switch-off means the big bang theory so sorely lacks.

The initial stage portrayed is of only microseconds duration and indicates growth stoppage. On cosmological time scales, however, a minute net creation remains causing a continuing accelerating growth that explains the speeding up discovered in 1998 by astronomers. So what has now emerged is a theory of continuous creation that implies expansion will continue indefinitely. The acceleration will slow but never stop. We can now see why the universe is so huge.

This also shows the cosmologist's explanation by 'dark energy' was never needed, since Ron’s solution appeared in 1992 but, true to the norm, could not be published in the west! Again first presentation to the scientific world had to be in Russia in 1993.
The combination of the big breed and quantum gravity bring further important surprises.

As Hubble showed in 1929 remote galaxies are receding at speeds proportional to their distance from us. This observation was based on the ‘red-shifts’ of those galaxies. However, an additional cause of the red shift has appeared that is inaccessible to any relativity-based theory. This increases the estimated age of the universe from 13.7 to over 33 billion years.
Now astronomers have been complaining that some stars seem older than the universe and that not enough time is available for galaxies to form.
Does the new estimate help solve this?

 We return now to look at the video again. The white cores can be either blobs or cross-sections through long filaments. The video shows the first stage of self-organisation by chaos but is only shown in two dimensions. In three dimensions a far higher order of self-organisation is to be expected that could lead to the evolution of an i-theric intelligence - as needed for emergence of the quantum level of reality.

The video also throws up an interesting feature that had not previously been considered. New primaries start in pairs from the same point and then move randomly. Randomness always involves an uneven clumping: not a uniform distribution. The video shows the clumping of the two kinds occurs at different places in general: so diminishing the number of breeding collisions from the number originally assumed. Fortunately this does not affect the conclusions that emerge from the big breed theory.

So we make a call to engineers who we suggest need to club together to pull cosmology and physics out of the mire in which they are now stranded – largely due to the suppression of critique. They seem bogged down up to the axles. They need to be towed out even if they kick and scream a bit.

That public money is being wasted is not the main issue: more important is the training of our brightest students to accept false logic and theories flawed by internal contradiction.
How to Improve the Status of the Chartered Engineer
Chartered Engineers can help produce the required paradigm-shift by talking to other engineers, to cosmologists, to mathematicians and to physicists. Those in academia could engage in common room debates. Those in industry could just promote this website by discussion with colleagues and by organised debate.  Not only would other disciplines benefit: this could increase the respect of the general public for the engineering discipline and elevate its status.

When the general public and cabinet ministers finally realise that engineering should have its status elevated to that of the physicist, progress should happen. A major reason for the decline of Britain and the decimation of its industry is known to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers to be largely due to the low status accorded it by the general public. All efforts made by the Institute to rectify the situation have come to nothing. But engineering is a discipline of greater responsibility than any other. If the engineer makes a wrong decision, or gets the sums wrong, hundreds can die.

A few years ago politicians said not to worry about the decline in industry in the UK: we were experts in finance. Now that myth has been exploded what is left to pay for our imports? We need to regenerate industry and this needs elevation of the status of engineering.

A final message for Students
            We hope young people about to make choices of university options will not be diverted away from physics or cosmology by our critique. What we are trying to show is that a paradigm-shift in physics has been overdue for many decades. The bravest of you need to learn what physicists and mathematicians can teach. Then the pioneers among you need to bring about that paradigm-shift. We would advise attending some lectures in the schools of mechanical or electrical engineering to supplement options schools of physics have on offer.


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