There have only been a few real geniuses in the history of the world and much has been written on them (A standard of genius of the likes of physicist Richard Feynman but not just those of scientific genius). However what is perhaps interesting is the one thing they all appear to have in common. You might think it was a great intellect or the ability to think faster than anyone else or the ability to retain an immense amount of knowledge with ease. Some might also consider the link to be an ability to utilise their knowledge in the best way for their work. Many great people in the past have all these things, but still there is one thing that sets geniuses apart from others and that is something that can only have grown from a particular type of childhood. It is this that all truly great geniuses appear to have had in common as it is that background that has led to the incredible curiosity, practicality and desire for answers to questions that only they could come up with.

The background enviroment that has helped them all do this is one of being free to wander as a child about their world with open eyes and open minds along with the ability to explore to their hearts content. Not only that, these children were perhaps also luck to have some environmental support around them by way of tools of some sort to help them in their exploration. These tools could be emotional support, but could on the other hand be only physical tools as found in workshops.

These are the types of children, for example, that actually built crystal radio sets in the 1930's when under the age of 8, these were the children who, under their own motivation, built and constructed incredible things for their age to test their early ideas. Todays environment for children in the developed world leaves little chance for geniuses to appear in the future and it is more likely that the next ones will come from countries around the world where these opportunities are more likely.

The author to Creation Solved? did indeed have this very sort of childhood, as to whether the world will consider him to be a genius only time will tell. He was the son of a schoolmaster in Derbyshire and in his youth he was able to explore the countryside at will and his great fortune was having access to his fathers workshop at home where from an early age he was taught how to use all the tools. He made steam engine boats and experimented with ideas for propelling planes using a series of controlled explosions. In his early teens he built his own fully operational lathe, having turned all the parts himself. All this cemented a healthy practical curiosity that led him to working with engines and rockets.

When Ron was an undergraduate he invented the gas wave turbine and later went on to build a working model. This got him a job at NGTE Whetstone in Leicester and a chance to work on jet engines.

With a firm grounding in Engineering, he next moved into lecturing and taught Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at Universities. On early retirement, he switched to studying physics and cosmology in more detail only to find that with his particular & practical backgound, he could spot serious flaws in the work around the big bang theory of creation. Eighteen years of research later, he was to eventually come up with Creation Solved? a paradox free solution to the creation of the universe that met all observations. If he is right, he will go down in history as one of the greatest geniuses ever to have lived and the world will be indebted to him for ever as he will have put science back on track and with that future scientists will be able to progress on to coming up with new inventions that will go on to assist the world progress positively. His work even indicates the way to these inventions. His name is Ron Pearson.



Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson