We solve three major problems in Physics That nobody else, worldwide, has managed to do

This is supported by peer-reviewed papers in scientific publications

There are books for the general reader as well as books providing the maths

Eminent physicist Professor Sir Roger Penrose said that,

“Physics is wrong from String theory to Quantum Mechanics”.

Do our three solutions provide the key?      They are:

1. Solves the (false) Inflation of the Big Bang Theory that gives rise to what is called, “The Problem of the Graceful Exit”

2. This simultaneously de-mystifies ‘Dark Energy’ since it shows why the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Nobody else realised these cannot be solved separately

3. Quantum Gravity. A new ‘Exact Classical Mechanics’ was required before items 1 and 2 could be completed since Einstein’s relativity theories were inapplicable. Starting off quantum based and very simple this matched all the achievements of relativity but, starting from quantum compatible assumptions, led naturally to quantum gravity

So please read on to assess whether or not you think our claims are justified.

Conceptual Logic points the way to solutions before any maths is used

‘Inflation’ in the big bang theory purports to show how the energy of the universe was created in a blinding flash lasting less than a second. Unfortunately the false logic used prevents any switch-off. In consequence, inflation was invalidated from the start by absurd false prediction. Then, contrary to expectation, in 1998 the expansion of the universe was found to be accelerating and dubbed a mystery called ‘Dark Energy’. Therefore two problems needed solution!

Conceptual Logic shows a simultaneous solution exists! Then maths follows.

Ron Pearson is an Applied Physicist, Engineer and mathematician. He invented the Gas Wave Turbine that ran from the first attempt and could still be viable. Despite the theorists’ superiority in maths, his background provided specialist expertise that other branches lack. This has enabled him to provide peer-reviewed and published solutions, concerning those three problems, in scientific publications in Russia, America and India.

For example, after full peer-review an article of Ron’s, covering the solution to inflation, was published in the Spring/Summer 1997 edition of the scientific journal, Frontier Perspectives, pp.70-78. The editor Nancy Kolenda referred to it as, “A distinguished paper”. This was followed by one in another the peer-reviewed journal, again by Pearson*, Revising Big Bang Cosmology: Speculations in Science and Technology: Dec.1998: Vol.21: issue 4: pp.269-276.

            Both showed that a totally different approach is needed to allow any universe to emerge from the void. A creation phase is followed by almost total annihilation to eliminate the difficulty and yield rates of expansion similar to those observed. Fundamental to the solution is an expansion in a state of acceleration.

            Subsequently in 2012 Dr. Alan Guth and Andrei Linde were awarded the Milner BREAKTHROUGH PRIZE of $3 million each, the former for inventing inflation and the latter for inventing ‘eternal inflation’. The latter is simply an admission of failure to solve that false prediction, known as ‘The problem of the Graceful Exit’. And Dark Energy consumes £billions in a search using 5 satellites to find clues!


At present the world we observe by our senses is considered to emerge from a level of reality called the quantum level that works on wave mechanics. However, with only these two levels no flaw-free means is provided for creation of our universe or the source of those waves. Our books describe the addition of a sub-quantum level of reality that provides a solution to both of these difficulties.

We show how that sub-quantum reality could self-create from the void. It had to arise from two opposite kinds of energy (Dark Energy) in order to satisfy the conservation of energy. This allowed the collisions of opposites to feed off each other to force spontaneous creation from the void. At a critically high density annihilation is shown to occur. This provides an effective switch-off that is lacking in Guth’s approach. This switch produced a vibrating filamentous structure having the power of self-organisation. Quantum waves arose from vibrations of the filaments to provide the information that organises matter. This suggests a reason for the quantum world being based on wave mechanics. And a net creation remains everywhere producing an accelerating expansion. It is acceleration that controls net creation! In this way a simultaneous solution emerges to several problems.

This is how a simultaneous solution for both inflation and Dark Energy was provided – even before the name of the latter had been coined!

Cosmologists were astounded when astronomers discovered in 1998 that the expansion of the universe was accelerating. They still regard it as a mystery and speculate that it is caused by Dark Energy producing anti-gravity force!

These may seem wild claims – but endorsement was provided by Nobel laureate Brian Josephson FRS when he pointed out that physicist Stephen Adler had followed Ron’s lead by publishing a ‘Kosher’ book in 2004. This describes a sub-quantum reality, which like Ron’s, works on classical mechanics.

Finally a brief summary of a solution for QUANTUM GRAVITY.

The solution is so incredibly simple that derivation only took a few days. It revises Newton’s mechanics to make it an Exact Classical Mechanics (ECM).

Instead of fixing the speed of light, denoted c, as a universal constant, as Einstein did, it is time that is made universal. Instead of time going faster as altitude increases it is the speed of light that increases. The famous equation E=mc2 arises now by considering an object being accelerated. Since energy E has to be supplied to give acceleration, and so increase the speed of an object, that equation shows the mass m must increase as well.

However, mass m and energy E can no longer be considered equivalent now that the speed of light c increases with altitude. It can be shown, by lowering an object on a cable, that it is the rest energy E0 of any object that is a universal constant.

It follows that mass must reduce with altitude to keep rest energy constant.

It is changes of mass with altitude and speed that cause clocks to lose timekeeping. Experiment can no longer be considered as proof of Einstein’s ‘time dilation’.

Now photons, the carriers of light, consist only of the energy of motion (kinetic energy EK) yet they are deflected by gravity. It follows that kinetic energy couples with gravity. Newton’s law for the force of gravity between two objects has this force proportional to the product of the masses of those objects, assumed constants. However, it is now clear that their kinetic energies must also couple. Hence Newton’s masses are replaced by the sums of rest and kinetic energies of objects. These energies are variables in the gravitational field and so is the Newtonian ‘constant’. The revision allows both light and matter to use the same basis.

Finally instead of Einstein’s unimaginable ‘curved space-time’ a background medium exists through which light propagates. The density of that background reduces with distance from a star or planet just like air on our Earth.

And the result of these simple revisions lead to predictions matching all the achievements so far considered unique to both special and general relativity. However, unlike relativity, there is now no incompatibility with quantum theory.

Theorists have been trying to do the impossible by using relativity to get to quantum gravity since 1960 – still with no success even in sight. At present the combination with ‘String Theory’ is considered the best bet.

This view is supported by the BREAKTHROUGH PRIZES of $3million each awarded by Russian philanthropist Yuri Milner to each of four physicists, mainly for progress towards a theory of quantum gravity via the route of general relativity and ‘String Theory’. The latter is written with 7 extra dimensions curled into little balls – whose existence cannot be proved. The only predictions it makes, which can be checked by experiment, are new particles arising from what is called ‘supersymmetry’. A most exhaustive search has been made for these using the Large Hadron Collider. Not a single one of them was observed!

How can one be sure progress is being made in the right direction when the ideas have a basis that remains unproven and questionable?

So please read on to assess whether or not you think our claims are justified.

We show by teaching ‘CONCEPTUAL LOGIC’ that 18 flaws in logic exist in established physics. When these are corrected solutions to all those vexed questions appear without using any higher dimensions and in ways that are easily imagined.

No mathematics is needed for understanding but is provided in our technical books showing how the solutions accurately match all experiments.

To prove the major problems of the Big Bang have been solved, peer-reviewed, published and are included in the University Library Catalogues the following procedure should yield the relevant article:


Google: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1023%2FA%3A1005573605781

Select: ‘Springer Home’: then put in ‘search box’:

Ronald Pearson: Revising Big Bang Cosmology:

    Speculations in Science and Technology: Dec.1998: Vol.21:

    issue 4: pp.269-276.

This is why:

             The author is a specialist in the branch of physics that concentrates on classical mechanics and thermodynamics. He was horrified to discover theorists in other branches were not being taught basic conceptual logic. As result they were making serious errors.  By correcting these the amazing outcome was that he found solutions to problems the theoretical physicists still struggle to resolve.

From this vantage point it is clear that some other branches of physics are still making serious errors in logic that need to be rectified and this is what our series sets out to do.

In no way should this series be considered as discrediting theorists. They are brilliant mathematicians but lack the understanding we are able to provide.

Our team fully appreciates the magnificent advances they have made in quantum mechanics. However, since they had to abandon the logic of common sense it seems that some errors only needing common sense for rectification need addressing. No maths is required!

Spot the Flaws

We invite you to try and spot the flaws in the logic yourself with our spot the flaws challenge.

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Ron Pearson 

As has been mentioned, Ron invented the Gas-Wave Turbine that worked from the very first try. This shows he has all the expertise needed. More details on his invention can be found on this site.

What is generally not recognised by the general public is that engineering is an applied science and a practical branch of physics. This is why we are able to help.

Ron has a B.Sc.(Eng) and was C.Eng,AMI,Mech.E, prior to retirement and is the leading author of several books on these subjects.

He feels his expertise could help physics and cosmology, now that they openly admit to being stuck. So he is now working to make his expertise available for scientists of the next generation.

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Eminent quantum physicist Sir Roger Penrose1 has said on his website that. “Physics is wrong from string theory to quantum mechanics”. Another, Lee Smolin2 said in 2007 that no physicist of his generation has produced anything of value since 1980. Ron has been aware of some of the reasons for this since 1984.

What has happened is that quantum theory is so contrary to our expectations that common-sense has been actively discouraged. In consequence errors in logic abound that needs only common sense for their rectification. So the aim of this series is to put back expertise that has been lost. Only a little common sense without any maths at all is needed to put things right!

However, full mathematical rigour is also provided in our technical literature.

This will help gain a deeper understanding of basic mechanics that will be of value to engineers as well as other scientists and philosophers.

We do hope you will join us for your own benefit and the progress of science.