No Mathematics needed: This is a test of conceptual logic

We have identified 18 false concepts that are currently taught to physics students. Every few weeks we will be releasing new questions on each of these false concepts. The aim of the challenge is to spot the flaws in modern day physics using common sense, logic and without needing to use mathematics. This will be a quick competition that will only take you a few minutes each week for a few months

Physicist Sir Roger Penrose says

“Physics is wrong from string theory to quantum mechanics”

By the Physicists own admission their discipline is foundering

This series of tests will eliminate the false logic responsible


A New Scientist editorial titled ‘Ideas Needed’ says

“Physics greatest endeavour has ground to a halt.

We are at a period of utter confusion”

Professor Lee Smolin of the Perimeter Institute says

“No Physicist of my generation has produced anything of any value since 1980”

Try this first example to test your skill

At the 23rd Solvay conference on Physics at Brussels in 2005

Nobel Laureate David Gross said

“We are missing perhaps something as profound as we were back in 1911”

Professor J.P. Vigier of Physics Letters A

Agrees the gravitational potential energy flaw is valid

but in 1987 he says “Publish elsewhere.”

Can Gravitational Potential Energy cancel Mass-Energy?

One component of the Big Bang theory of creation of the universe says matter is cancelled by ‘Negative Gravitational Potential Energy’ (N.G.P.E.) to permit its creation from nothing. This proposition is based on a datum (Where N.G.P.E. =0) taken at infinite distance from any star or object. It is also based on Newton’s mechanics. The latter says the mass of any object is a universal constant. Then as E=MC2  it follows that its mass energy is also constant.

The challenge posed is Identify three flaws in that proposition.

If you can spot all three you will have done better than Einstein!

“General Relativity is incompatible with Quantum Theory”.

Since the 1960’s theorists have struggled to solve this problem, so far to no avail and the trouble is we have nothing to put in Relativity’s place.”