About Ron Pearson

Mr Ron Pearson B,Sc.Eng.(Hons)*C.Eng.M.I.Mech.E  was a lecturer for 18 years at Bath University in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. He has also previously worked as a Consultant at the Defence Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the USA.

Aside from being an extremely proficient Engineer with a long list of patents to his name, Ron Pearson was also the inventor of the Gas Wave Turbine. A notable success to this is that it ran the very first time it was started having been built from theory.

His more recent work during his retirement has been to develop a new theory on the creation of the Universe and a full theory of Quantum Gravity both of which have been scrutinised by physicists and, as of yet, found to be without any flaws with the the logic he has used.








Over his life Ron has also spent many hours researching ways to produce clean environmentally friendly renewable energy from Ocean farming of floating seaweed. His has several new patents for technology in this field and still hopes one day to bring his ideas to market after some final testing.ronpearson1

Ron feels his expertise could help physics and cosmology, now that they openly admit to being stuck. Eminent quantum physicist Sir Roger Penrose1 has said on his website that. “Physics is wrong from string theory to quantum mechanics”. Another physicist, Lee Smolin2 said in 2007 that no physicist of his generation has produced anything of value since 1980.



Ron has been quite outspoken about this and the reasons for this, since 1984.

“What has happened is that quantum theory is so contrary to our expectations that common-sense has been actively discouraged. In consequence errors in logic abound that needs only common sense for their rectification. So the aim of this series is to put back expertise that has been lost. Only a little common sense without any maths at all is needed to put things right!”

This will help gain a deeper understanding of basic mechanics that will be of value to engineers as well as other scientists and philosophers. Indeed, a bonus is that the course leads toward solutions for Dark Energy and Quantum Gravity.